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Radha Krishna.
These are words I find myself, never being tired of saying. It’s funny when I think about it.
Think about this picture of eternal love. Undying love. Stunning love. Love people celebrate, everyday.But then, why am I sad?

I wish I was there, when this story was written. This beautifully sad story that I can’t stop thinking about. A story of boundary- less love. A story that didn’t need them to be married to be loved by each other. And I think that’s what makes me human. Wanting them officially each other’s. Wanting them to belong to no one else.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, mythologically. I don’t know how history would have been different. All I know, is that I want to rewrite this tale.

Their staying apart, sharing their love with other people without any complaints and her devotion to him are what makes this story epic. It’s what makes their love eternal. But I cry. I cry for them, every time these words pierce my ears. The words Radha Krishna.

Should I be happy that they’re immortal now? That their name is immortal? If I should, I can’t. Simply because, they’re great because it was worldly. Selfless. Love wasn’t being together, love for them was just seeing each other in everything and everyone, even themselves. But, I’d much rather have them be a little selfish, if it meant that they had each other. Only for each other.

I’d much rather smile everyday, thinking that even God got the love they deserved, than have that one drop of that tear of regret fall from my eye, crying for the pain love gave even to God. Thinking what they had to go through, just because destiny combined with society wanted it happening. Wondering, that even a heavenly duo brought me undeniable sadness and all I had to do to remember yet forget everything and fall for those two words, that sometimes didn’t even make sense. Radha Krishna.

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