Seven Short Stories

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My daughter rushed into my room screaming in delight, “Mommy’s back! She got pizza!” I scurried out of bed and locked the bedroom door after stuffing my late wife’s suicide note into my pocket.

After a few weeks of her mother’s passing, I asked my 6-year-old if she wanted to ask me anything about her mother. She looked up at me and said, “Yes, why does mommy always stand behind you?”

I was only just falling asleep when the screen of my phone lit up. Groaning, I saw that it was a message from my fiancée, “Just left the office, will be home soon x”. Petrified, I didn’t dare turn around to look at who had been holding me this entire time.

After three weeks of not returning anybody’s calls, my friend texted me-
“Hi, Everything is fine here. been working Late at the office, so Please stop calling Me Everyday.”
It was odd that he messed up his capitalisation. He writes for the local newspaper.

I only realised that it wasn’t my inner voice that said, “Jump”, whenever I looked down from my apartment window when today I felt a shove accompanying it.

I remember what my dying girlfriend had said to me moments before she passed away, “You’ll never lose me, I’ll always be by your side.” Little did I clock then that she actually meant it.

I was walking in the park when I saw the most beautiful thing ahead of me- a mother kneeling in front of her pram, making faces to entertain her giggling baby. It was only when I crossed them did I notice that the pram was empty.

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