The Cliffside

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On The cliffside, and she was staring at the pit,
And wondering if to fall or to let it go.
The sunset sky and the throbbing waves,
And the storm in her heart as she saw it all in front of her.

The colours of autumn, with the nostalgia of the fall,
The coming spring, with the flowers bright and the trees tall,
The winter, that left her shuddering and poor,
The summers and bathing in the cliffside pool.

The storms that came and left with swiftness,
The loneliness the fragrant summer wind felt,
The desperate footsteps in the muddy snow,
The unsteadiness with which the flowers died and left her alone.

She saw it all and took her step,
Whether for the worse or for the best,
On the cliffside, she stood and drank in,
The waves, the wind and left with a lot unsaid.

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