Corsets 101

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You bring the corsets, we’ll bring the stitches, no one wants a waist over 9 inches.
This tune reminds me of women dancing and showing off their ‘perfect’ figures enhanced with corsets on Tiktok and IG Reels. But what are corsets? What are they used for? Why are they trending?

Corsets are all the rage right now! They come in the form of dresses, shirts, and whatever possible clothing material you can think of. Before we get into the psychology of why corsets are so popular in today’s times, let’s have a little sneak peek at the history of corsets.


While corsets were first invented in the 16th century, they reached the zenith of their popularity in the Victorian Era. The textbook dictionary of corsets is ‘a structured undergarment for a woman’s torso’. There are many rumours flying around that corsets were these torture devices that commanded women to submit themselves to a patriarchal standard of beauty. So, why are corsets portrayed and reputed so badly in the media?

Firstly, it is due to the concept of ‘tightlacing’- a trend that arose in the mid 19th century where women used to tighten the laces of their corset in a bid to achieve a smaller waistline. As damaging as the act was, it was suddenly all the rage. This led to a completely inaccurate historical representation of corsets where it all boiled down to the concept of tightlacing. In fact, the only reason why corsets were and stayed popular till today’s times is because they were efficient and economical. They helped with a lot of physical problems as well. Hitting two birds with one stone!!

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So, coming back to the psychology of corset’s popularity today. It all boils down to behavioural economics and psychology. People are sheep that tend to follow the herd. So once something’s ‘trendy’ it makes a lot of sense that you’ll find a large stratum of the demographic mindlessly following it!

Corsets are really, REALLY cheap. The cheapest corsets online start from 500 rupees! Although far from authentic as mid-18th-century European corsets, they manage to get the job done. Corsets are really great for accentuating figures. In a world that’s obsessed with the hourglass shape, a corset is an economical and less scary option than liposuction or plastic surgery that gives you the figure you desire.

Corsets look bomb on anyone and everyone!
If you’re looking for a sign to buy/borrow a corset, this is it! I promise you, you’ll look mesmerising.

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