Little Things-: All That Matters

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If the famous dialogue,’Pyaar dosti hai’, was a show then it’d surely be Little Things. Little
Things is a romantic drama based on the life of a live-in couple navigating their way through
life, career, family, friends and most importantly love. The show is backed by Dice Media
and the first three seasons are available on Netflix, with the first season also streaming on
Youtube alongside. The show is coming to an end with their final season streaming on
Netflix from the 15th of October. So before you gear up for the emotional joyride the fourth
season is going to take you on, here’s looking back to the beautiful moments of the past
three seasons.

Dhruv & Kavya, or more lovingly Momo & Biryani Monster, are a couple full of love and life,
living together in Mumbai, working and managing their household, while discovering
themselves and where their relationship stands. What makes the show feel like home is
how they face everyday problems and challenges as a couple. The way they try fit in, but
eventually don’t care about what the world thinks, and how they realize that they have
grown apart from their peers, but both of them will be there for each other no matter what.
The beauty of the show lies in the rawness of their relationship, where we see emotions like
being jealous or aimless, or simply just taking a moment to absorb whatever is happening
around us, but the bond still remaining intact and strong.

There have been moments in the show where Kavya is happy about her promotion and
Dhruv has just quited his job, or when they have tried to befriend each other’s parents, or
simply take a trip a nearby city, met an old friend or tried to order food; and have stood at
different thought patterns or extremes. What makes them special isn’t the fact that they
have had fights or disagreements, but the fact that they have still held on to each other.
Today, in the kind of world which we live in, it’s very easy to give up on love, dreams or
hopes, but to hold on and nurture it despite all odds, it what makes their relationship

In the third season, Momo & Biryani Monster tried long distance relationship, being far in
distance, not in heart. In every person’s life and relationship, there comes a day where they
realize that the fun part ends here, and henceforth you have to grow mature and learn
things the hard way. It doesn’t mean that things end here, it just means they get better.
Dhruv and Kavya realize they have to follow their respective paths to reach where they want
to in life, and sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder. And so what if their paths
aren’t the same, it doesn’t mean that they can’t run parallel to each other.

The lovely couple are back with the fourth and the final season, with little joys, little
problems, little ups, little downs and a heart full of love. So grab a bowl of popcorn, sit down
with your loved ones, join Kavya & Dhruv as they navigate through love and life, expect a
happy ending with teary eyes and a big smile on your face, as you say goodbye. Watch them
find themselves cause sometimes ‘we have a feeling that we’re forgetting ourselves, but it’s
good to come back to familiar places’ and in the end, it’s the Little Things that matter.

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