The post at the old has home

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Hello dear reader,

I know it was not a usual letter, maybe the glasses have become a usual thing or like my ‘still young uncle’ you spent a good 10 minutes looking for them while they lay just above your forehead.
I am a believer in love, so I write to you to send a lot of it. Your family loves you, your friends here do too, but when life gets a bit too much and the lace you tack on the box which holds all your fears open up, you can’t budge this feeling… look back at your life.
Look back with the love I am sending you now…maybe you are here to just relax now. To let go as they say in scriptures.
This is not an unusual letter, just a sweet love reminder.

A letter to a stranger in a place they are forced to call home now, they made friends with it, the people, the grey hair, the losing sense and maybe even everything they built through their life.

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