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If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us is how important family time is
for all of us, and with theatres opening up Bollywood is once again giving us
the opportunity to reconnect over the atmosphere where we are most
comfortable in (at least I am)- 3 hours of watching a film, in a dark room and
not talking to anyone, still considered family time. And, now we have alternate
seats too!!!
Anyways, there are times when we all want to feel reconnected with our family.
And with the films Bollywood has given us for that family feeling, sometimes
unrealistic but it has one common theme- that in the end, all we need is family
around us.

1.TA RA RUM PUM (2007)
I’ll be a little biased because this is one of my favourite films ever to be made.
A beautiful race story by Siddharth Anand starring Saif Ali Khan and Rani
Mukherjee in lead roles. It’s a film about a beautiful nuclear family, going
through ups and downs financially and still finding ways to stay happy.
This film is a perfect blend of good acting and good story line, leaving you
teary-eyed every time you watch it. A perfect weekend watch with your family,
teaching you how to stick together in good times and bad.
In the end, even I wanted to take bath in the water fountain in NYC, since that’s
not happening- I’ll take Saif and Rani as my parents.

This film would not resonate in the current times (as is the case with most
old films) but if you just see the overall theme of it, you get the family
feeling out of it. Plus, some great sangeet songs. From a family gathering
to celebrate a larger-than-life function to a huge wedding of the eldest
brother to falling out of brothers over will (technically not) and then them
reuniting to sing the title song, this film is a journey (they even have a
song for it- ABCDEFG… you get it). It’s a film I recall my mom saying
was the beginning of sangeets in our wedding culture, so a great
contribution to society. Sooraj Barjatya has that touch of family feeling
that no other director can ever bring to the screens and somehow it unites
a family even if it’s for those 3 hours. Also, he made Salman Khan look
like a good boy, so he is better than Nolan. (kidding)

3. WE ARE FAMILY (2010)
It’s one of those Bollywood movies where you don’t actually know
what’s going on, and critics wouldn’t recommend you to watch, but here I
am- asking you to watch if you want the family feeling. Starring Arjun
Rampal, Kajol and Kareena Kapoor Khan in lead roles. Aman (Arjun)
and Maya (Kajol) now separated, live different lives. Aman has a
girlfriend Shreya (kareena) and Maya lives with her three children. Maya
is diagnosed with cancer and asks Shreya to look after her kids, who at
first are resentful towards her but then slowly warm up to her. The film is
all about how these 6 people adjust to each other and have that family
bond when they become 5 after Maya dies. It’s about accepting truths and
adjusting to the curve ball life sends, but most importantly sticking
through as one unit.

I would lie if I’d say that I did not have the biggest crush on Saif Ali
Khan and hence, watched all films he would do. I used to have the DVD
for this film and my brother and I would watch this film at least once a
month. It’s about Ranbeer talwar, an industrialist who accidentally kills
parents of four children and is given their custody by the court. These
four children are tyrants, they are hurt and have a vengeance against
Ranbeer. They come to his house but try every way to get out of that
house and making it hell for Ranveer. That’s when Rani Mukherjee
enters- a god send angel (no, literally) who comes to unite the children
and Ranbeer. And hence, follows the journey of them getting closer to
Ranbeer and in that process even Ranbeer and Geeta get closer
(obviously). A film about realizing family bonds and loving each other
unconditionally. It’s a teary eyed journey but its so worth it.

I am sure when you clicked on this article, you expected this movie to
come up. AND HOW COULD IT NOT?? A debatable masterpiece by
Karan Johar about a rich Raichand family based in Delhi but sends their
children to London for MBA. It begins with their adopted son returning
for Diwali. He is obviously the favourite child of the family and if you
see ShahRukh in the film, you’d say OBVIOUSLY. He is just THAT
charming. He falls in love with a middle class Kajol (breaking rani
Mukherjee’s heart so basically uno reverse for kuch kuch hota hai) and
thus begins the story of parents disapproving the relationship, children
marrying still and then the younger son reuniting all of them. K3G is a
perfect amalgamation of all things Bollywood- drama, romance, family
feeling, the best songs and POO!!!

So, here are my 5 choices for a perfect family time with popcorn and your
parents telling you things about their time. You could have your “mai apne 6
bacho ke saath apne bade se living room mein baithke Kabhi Khushi Kabhi
Gham dekhungi” moment with your family with these movies.

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