We as humans have a need to be entertained. From the street plays of London in the 12th Century to the Colosseum of ancient Rome in the the 18th Century, we have finally reached an age where we have all the entertainment we need, right at our fingerprints.

The Elysian Journal is an e-magazine committed to bringing the best of Literature, Music, Philosophy, Fashion, Food, Films & TV and much, much more.

Through this completely student-driven initiative, we aim to embrace the talent of young, passionate writers as well as provide our readers with content that they can enjoy regardless of their interests. 

The word ‘elysian’ describes a blissful state, and here at The Elysian Journal we strive to provide you with a similar feeling. We aim to work to the best of our ability to create and nurture a community where readers and writers are always in sync.

Our Team

Kaurrwaki Kotecha- Founder & CEO

Goal oriented, organised, caring, brutally honest, hyper active and drama queen are words that sum up this amazing lady. Kaurrwaki is an extrovert, the type of person who can approach strangers and talk about literally anything. Strangely, she cannot stand it when people pronounce words the way she thinks is wrong, and won’t hesitate to nag you until it’s just perfect according to her. She’s a leader, be it volunteering to be the CR, being a director at rotaract, or starting a magazine. She’s a very determined person, who doesn’t give up until she gets what she wants, and as long as she’s not watching sappy movies that make her cry, she’s one of the strongest people we know. An aspiring lawyer, with photography and cooking as her favourite past-times, there’s no one more suited to lead this team, for she contributes a bit of all of these skills of hers!

Meet our founder Kaurrwaki Kotecha

Our Team

Jay Melwani
Former Founder